Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo Delux T9 Wired One Hand PC Gamer Computer Keybord M625 A305 RGB Backlit 4000 DPI Game Mouse Kit Set


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  • Keyboard and mouse
  • M625 A3050 Mouse
  • T9 Keyboard


1.Brand: Delux
2.Model: T9
3.Key number: 47
4.Keystroke life: ≥10,000,000
5.Working temperature: 0~45℃
6.Working voltage: DC 5V
7.Key operating force: 55±7g
8.Keycaps pulling force: ≥0.8kg
9.Operation system:for Windows2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
10.Interface: USB 2.0
11.Item size: 224.73 * 170.79 * 35.67mm / 8.84 * 6.72 * 1.40in (L * W * H)
12.Item weight: 500.3g / 1.10lb
13.Package size: 28 * 23 * 8.4cm / 11.02 * 9.05 * 3.30in (L * W * H)
14.Package weight: 784g / 1.72lb


1.Buttons:7 (fully programmable keys) 

2.DPI: 800/1200/1600/2500/4000 
3.Sensor:A3050  (X logo)
4.RGB LED light:5 color 
5.Polling Rate:125/250/500/1000 Hz 
8.Switch:OMRON 10 million times lifespan 
9.Cable:Braided cable with golden connector 
10.Compatibility:For windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10


1.Carefully study the streamline structure, giving you comfortable hand feel 5 gear DPI shift, different DPI with changeable light color .

2.All buttons functions can be programmed by the software .

3.RGB 16.8 million color floating light on both sides Non-slip rubber side design, double injection finish, more durable .


1.Double Space Key                                                                     
   Double space key perfect for left or right hand user, convenient to control, humanized design.
2.Ergonomic Design
   Delicate appearance, large and soft palm rest ensures you long time using without feeling tired.
3.Multimedia Keys
   Easy-access dedicated multimedia controls, it is convenient and easy to switch between gaming.
4.Recessed Design
   Four special keys WASD with red cap for game, convenient to touch middle row, quickly position every button.
5.One Key to Swap
   The function key and the arrow keys can be swapped only by a key.
6.Mini Portable
   47 key, portable design so you can carry everywhere anytime, great for one hand control.

                            Game Key arrangement.Four sets of game keys,with red keycaps and recessed design,smooth operation

Gamer keybord

                                                   Double space key design,suitable for left and right hand

Gamer keybord mouse

                                                                                             One click swtich

                                     Direction switch,easy to switch freely between game keys and directions keys

Gamer keyboard

                                                                                               Ergonomic hand rest

                                      Large keyboard hand rest,reasonable ergonomic design,let you gallop the game territory.

Gaming keybord

                                                                            Gaming keyboard for multiple occasionsOptical Mouseone hand keyboardRGB Blacklit Mouse Keyboardgaming mouse

                                                                                      Comfortable hand feel

Wired mouse

                                                     5 gear DPI shift, different DPI with changeable light color, 

                                                                           up to 4000 DPI by software 

                                                                    RGB 16.8 million Color Floating Light 

                                                                          RGB floating light on both sides

Ergonomic Mouse

                                                                                                   Fire button

office  mouseComputer mouse

                                                                 4 kinds of light mode to be adjusted

                                  Press left click + Mouse wheel + right click,at the same time for about 5 seconds 

                                                     You can change the light color as you want by the software

Ergonomic Mouse

                                                                    Non-slip Rubber Side Design

                                           Double injection finish makes more non-slip durable when playing games.

Mouse USB

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